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I'm taking PayPal commssions! by Cynderthedragon5768

So, as the title says, I am finally going to start taking PayPal commissions! 
But since I am inexperienced with how this works (I know how it works, I just wanna make sure it DOES work) I am only taking two commissions!

the type of commission I am offering is fully-detailed with one character.
hope that doesn't sound to high x.x
5$ to add an extra character.

Oh, yeah, and examples -
That moment when... by Cynderthedragon5768Albinowolf296 Custom 2 by Cynderthedragon5768Queen of the Nile by Cynderthedragon5768Gift for MySweetQueen by Cynderthedragon5768Contest entry for Rinjapine c: by Cynderthedragon5768Brave little Bo Peep by Cynderthedragon5768Thrinaxodon liorhinus by Cynderthedragon5768A-wild-OTP-appears by Cynderthedragon5768Mufasa and Zazu color swap by Cynderthedragon5768Giftie for AlexisHunter by Cynderthedragon5768Mufadi - Father son bonding time by Cynderthedragon5768~Lexi Leopard~ by Cynderthedragon5768Scar and Nala color swap by Cynderthedragon5768

Also, please only US money. Because I have no idea how converting works x.x

****I decided to add character design commissions~
Only 5-9$ depending on how complex~
EXAMPLES - Flame Redesign by Cynderthedragon5768Ember Redesign by Cynderthedragon5768

Headshots: 3$
Sargan by Cynderthedragon5768

Journal Dolls: 1-2$
Horssie16 commission 1 of 2 by Cynderthedragon5768NightShrowd7-17 journal doll commission c: by Cynderthedragon5768MissMapleOwl Journal Doll by Cynderthedragon5768Mamba journal doll for Jackii98 by Cynderthedragon5768Journal LaraBunny by Cynderthedragon5768Unique-Sapphire journal doll *Re description plzC: by Cynderthedragon5768Journal doll for Howrsesr1 by Cynderthedragon5768

Note me if you are interested!


Cynderthedragon5768's Profile Picture
Hilary Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My best-friends 83

Cole Journal Doll by C-4-TSticker Gift for Cynderthedragon5768 by AlexisHunter

Stamps I made/From friends:
SpyroXCynder stamp83 by Cynderthedragon5768SpyroXEmber stamp 8D by Cynderthedragon5768Pinkie Pie Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768AppleJack Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768
Anti Recolors Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768LBT: Ducky Walk Cycle by Cynderthedragon5768Flame Stamp by RadSpyroFirst is still first MLP stamp by SolkattNot MLP Fan Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom
Stamp thing. by DuskSparkIce Age 4 Herd Stamp by PuccaFanGirlI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistIce Age Stamp by MajinPatIce Age 3 - Stamp by fireheart120Scrat Stamp by MajinPatYzma and Kronk by ovstampsADORABLE Scrat Stamp by PuccaFanGirlDiego fan stamp by DanteSmilodonIce Age 4 Scrat Stamp by PuccaFanGirlI +heart+ Scrat Stamp by MrsEmmyJScratte Fan Stamp by MrsEmmyJScratte The Pet Stamp by MrsEmmyJSxS Fanatic Stamp by MrsEmmyJIce Age 4 Scratte Stamp by PuccaFanGirlScrat/Scratte Stamp (4) by PuccaFanGirlScratte Stamp 2 by MrsEmmyJRE: ScratxScratte Stamp by PuccaFanGirlKovu - stamp by V1KAScrat x Scratte Grape Love Stamp by MrsEmmyJManny and Ellie stamp 2 by okamiblancoScrat/Scratte Stamp by PuccaFanGirlJust Hanging, Peaches Stamp by xXCrossArrowXxManny and Ellie stamp by okamiblanco

:sun:To do list!:sun:
:bulletpink: Fully detailed commission of :thumb357231445: :thumb350186347: :thumb351958896: at sunset, with mountains, movie-poster look for :iconbarking-hippogryph:
:bulletred: Fully detailed, no bg, picture of… (6#), adult with this… for :iconprochristinator: :bulletred:
:bulletyellow: cynderthedragon5768.deviantart… egg 13, dragon, for :iconconsteliathedragon: :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple: Fully detailed commission of… and… in a romantic nighttime setting with a couple of shooting stars, for :icondragonfreak1112:
:bulletyellow: Three customs (notes: Albino lions, I love Dorsal Stripes, Birth Marks, Scars, Stripes, Spots, Freckles, Neck fur, ect.")
Fully detailed, transparent BG image of Shari(female) for :iconinori-hime: :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow: Art Trade with :iconxxevias-toxic-lovexx: of her character Aliyah(xxspoilerxaliyahxx.deviantart.… running through forest, at night, full moon) :bulletyellow:
:bulletblue: Egg adoptables 6, eggs 17 and 8, dragons, for :iconalice-the-dragon: :bulletblue:
:bulletwhite: Fully detailed commission of Mauve New OC Reference: Violaceous Mauve by TearyIris carrying a large amount of Sky Gems(the gems she uses for her necklace/earrings) Monochrome Monochrome Sunset by TearyIris would be rolling his eyes at her disapprovingly. And 8-Bit 8-Bit by TearyIris would be focused (maybe too focused) on a portable video game system. Age: about 17-19 human years. Background be a bedroom, poses and bedroom design up to me, for :icontearyiris::bulletwhite:
:bulletred: Art trade with :iconwhitefire-phoenix: Adult Hilary and Werlisa :bulletred:
:bulletred: Three sprites of…,…,…?
id=544258&size=large&format=auto&rev=1 for :iconzenarrausj7: :bulletblack:
:bulletwhite: Fully detailed commission and Faida-Faida of the Northern Mountain by DragonessBlue cuddling and nuzzling in the Pridelands near Priderock, Scar being more in the sunlight, for :icondragonessblue: :bulletwhite:
:bulletblue: Egg adopt nine-Egg adoptles 6 by Cynderthedragon5768 Dragon, for :iconassasingodfun: :bulletblue:
:bulletblack: Fully detailed commission of Fern-Spyro and cynder's children by zonesdragoness(far right) Playing in a flowery field with tree's, with one of my versions of Spyro and Cynder's kids for :iconzonesdragoness: :bulletblack:
:bulletgreen: Fully detailed commission of -Commission by Leeloo250 (1) by DaxterD1 in this pose -Lion pulling his tongue at me by stefanpaulrust with Diego(form Ice age) sitting in the background, rolling his eyes and smiling, in this pose…, AND journal doll of Commission by Leeloo250 (1) by DaxterD1 for :icondaxterd1: :bulletblue:… for :iconqanikk: :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: Fully detailed image of playing near the beach of underwater for :iconmissasiah: :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple: Fully detailed commssion for :iconxenomorphsangheili: "I would like my sergal decovering a sergal statue that is chained up to a wall and set in stone, and covered in lavender colored runes. In a temple made from sandstone."
Her sergal…
His sergal…
His Sergal is the one turned to stone. His purple markings remain on the stone, excluding the gold ones. :bulletpurple:
:bulletwhite: Fully detailed drawing of… for :iconhorssie16::bulletwhite:
:bulletpink: Fully detailed commission of… in this pose…, make her look less raptor-ish, with this BG… :bulletpink:

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Cynderthedragon5768 has started a donation pool!
7,938 / 2,500
Hello! And welcome to my page!83 here you can see everything I have for prices on my artwork. I decided to reaise the prices, as one of my friends gave me advice on the subject^^ Remember, only 80:points: is a dollar in real money! I don't want to dissapoint people with my prices, but I need more points and more time for other things!

Some things I WON'T draw:
*Too much blood
*Pervy stuff and nudity(don't even bother)
*Humans(can't draw those)
* I DO NOT DO LINE ART COMMISSIONS. Due to the fact that I have some past experience with people either using the lineart wrongly, asking me to entirely change everything, or buying it as one thing and asking for it to be edited to something else, and not respecting my wishes regarding the terms of uses, I do not do lineart commissions of any kind, so please do not ask. I am also uncomfortable with people using my art work in general.

Fully detailed commission, colored, shaded, one character and with background - 80:points:
EXAMPLES: I felt a kick! by Cynderthedragon5768Simba by Cynderthedragon5768From sabers to tusks by Cynderthedragon5768Species Swap 3 by Cynderthedragon5768Somethings Wrong Here... by Cynderthedragon5768Tearyiris Pony TryOut by Cynderthedragon5768RogueLottie Art Trade by Cynderthedragon5768
Fully detailed images without backgrounds are 70:points:
Simple flash drawings, one character and no shading(shading goes up by 7:points:) are 15:points:
EXAMPLES: Toby by Cynderthedragon5768:thumb367232218:

Custom adoptables, Any species with description(required) are 30:points:
EXAMPLES: I'm pretty and I know it~ by Cynderthedragon5768

Reference sheets, non-shaded with name and color's are 80:points:
EXAMPLES:Diku and Dwala Ref by Cynderthedragon5768

Animated journal dolls 50:points: depending on the complexity of the character.
Examples:ToddWolf journal doll commission by Cynderthedragon5768Rooster-Hawk sprite commission 1# by Cynderthedragon5768Kopaisfluffy commission2 by Cynderthedragon5768Rainfr0st by Cynderthedragon5768LordBasile sprite commission by Cynderthedragon5768Animated Sprite for Rinjapine by Cynderthedragon5768PandaTJ sprite commission by Cynderthedragon5768

Comic pages, colored and shaded, with text and characters(stories and scenes required) are 1,500:points: each.
EXAMPLES:Power Crystal Page 19 by Cynderthedragon5768Power Crystal part 2 by Cynderthedragon5768Power Crystal part 8 by Cynderthedragon5768Power Crystal part 7 by Cynderthedragon5768Power Crystal Page 14 by Cynderthedragon5768Power Crystal Page 18 by Cynderthedragon5768
Power Crysatl Page 17 by Cynderthedragon5768Xx-FerrillPegasus-xX commission by Cynderthedragon5768
To add an extra character to any of these, it will be 15:points:

You must be logged in to donate.


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