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:heart:My closest friends! They're amazing people you should really watch!:heart:

:star: People who inspire me! :star:

:star:Cute Cherries - Free Icon by JupiterLily People who have given me memberships!:star:Cute Cherries - Free Icon by JupiterLily

Heart Emote by GasaraCandle Mini Pixel by Gasara People you should consider checking out! They're super nice and awesome^^

Going to make 10 crack ship MLPS.xD name the WEIRDEST ships you can think of. Or the most interesting. 10 most interesting will be picked. 

15 deviants said Suggest as many as you like : D i need ideas ahhh


Progress Bar 0% by xAliLovex-Resources Not started
Purple Nebula Progress Bar 25% by xAliLovex-Resources Sketch
Purple Nebula Progress Bar 50% by xAliLovex-Resources Lineart/colored/need to add background

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconalice-the-dragon: Egg adopts, 2 left to finish

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconconstelia: egg 13# Egg adoptables 3000 by Cynderthedragon5768 -Dragon-

starfish by Chibivillecute :icondragonessblue: Fully detailed commission, Scar and Faida

-Faida of the Northern Mountain by DragonessBlue Cuddling and nuzzling in the Pridelands near Priderock, Scar being more in the


starfish by Chibivillecute :icontearyiris: Fully detailed image of Mauve -New OC Reference: Violaceous Mauve by TearyIris arrying a

large amount of Sky Gems(the gems she uses for her necklace/earrings) Monochrome

Monochrome Sunset by TearyIris would be rolling his eyes at her disapprovingly. And 8-Bit 8-Bit by TearyIris

would be focused (maybe too focused) on a portable video game system. Age: about 17-19 human

years. Background be a bedroom, poses and bedroom design up to me

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconxenomorphsangheili: Fully detailed
"I would like my sergal decovering a sergal statue that is chained up to a wall and set in stone, and

covered in lavender colored runes. In a temple made from sandstone."
Her sergal…
His sergal… His Sergal is the one turned to stone. His

purple markings remain on the stone, excluding the gold ones. :bulletpurple:

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconzonesdragoness: Fully detailed commission of Fern(far

right)Spyro and cynder's children by zonesdragoness Playing in a flowery field with tree's, with one of my versions of Spyro

and Cynder's kids

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconqanikk: journal doll of A lion of Chocolate-Spots~ by LordBasile

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconxxevias-toxic-lovexx: Art trade of Aliyah`s Refsheet by XxEvias-Toxic-LovexX running through a


starfish by Chibivillecute :icondragonfreak1112: Fully detailed commission of Nuri-Dragon OC by dragonfreak1112 and

Diadus by Natsuakai in a romantic nighttime setting with a couple of shooting stars

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconassasingodfun: Egg adoptles 6 by Cynderthedragon5768 Egg 9 -Dragon-

starfish by Chibivillecute :icondaxterd1: Fully detailed commission of their OC-Commission by Leeloo250 (1) by DaxterD1 in this

pose -Lion pulling his tongue at me by stefanpaulrust with Diego(form Ice age) sitting in the background, rolling his eyes and

smiling, in this pose…,

AND journal doll of Commission by Leeloo250 (1) by DaxterD1

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconvdafne: Journal doll of Gyazo…

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconnine-neckfur: Two Journal Dolls of Nine character sheet by Nine-NeckFur and

Taido character sheet by Nine-NeckFur

starfish by Chibivillecute Fully detailed Prize for :iconalexishunter: Her oc Rin and Mynx

starfish by Chibivillecute Prizes for :icontiffanykip: Three headshots, and a journal doll

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconwhitefire-phoenix: Art trade - Hilary and Werlisa

starfish by Chibivillecute :iconzenarrausj7: Journal dolls of

com. Khnum by PolarligerTau Ref by ZenarrausJ7ZL Reference by ZenarrausJ7

starfish by Chibivillecute Finish Contest Prize(of Rin and Mynx) two journal dolls(of Thyra and Mynx)

and gift for giving me membership. For :iconalexishunter: starfish by Chibivillecute
starfish by Chibivillecute Finished gift for :iconverona7881: starfish by Chibivillecute

starfish by Chibivillecute Commission for :iconsylveon17: of Midnight Fairytale - Repost by FuyusFox being bombarded by(in

this order)

The Scryer - Star Tulip by FuyusFoxDarter Admin OC - Paradise by FuyusFoxDarter Chancellor - Kazoo by FuyusFoxWysp Advisor: Madam Glacier by CaldercloudAtimari Reference by MasterMuffinKitty:th

umb575482819: yelling "Oh, Crap! There's to many! Help me!"starfish by Chibivillecute


Skylanders Cynder Stamp by RadSpyro :thumb269639111:Skylanders: Wrecking Ball Stamp by RadSpyro Skylanders Spyro Stamp by sapphire3690 Skylanders Dark Spyro Stamp by sapphire3690 The Legend of Spyro Stamp by Spyroflamesredsbum Okami Stamp by ByoWT1125 Okami stamp by Boarfeathers Okami Stamp 2 by Kixxar
SpyroXCynder stamp83 by Cynderthedragon5768SpyroXEmber stamp 8D by Cynderthedragon5768Pinkie Pie Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768AppleJack Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768
Anti Recolors Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768LBT: Ducky Walk Cycle by Cynderthedragon5768Flame Stamp by RadSpyroNot MLP Fan Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom
Stamp thing. by DuskSparkIce Age 4 Herd Stamp by PuccaFanGirlI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistIce Age Stamp by MajinPatIce Age 3 - Stamp by fireheart120Scrat Stamp by MajinPatYzma and Kronk by ovstampsADORABLE Scrat Stamp by PuccaFanGirlDiego fan stamp by DanteSmilodonIce Age 4 Scrat Stamp by PuccaFanGirlI +heart+ Scrat Stamp by MrsEmmyJScratte Fan Stamp by MrsEmmyJScratte The Pet Stamp by MrsEmmyJSxS Fanatic Stamp by MrsEmmyJIce Age 4 Scratte Stamp by PuccaFanGirl:thumb313715553:Scratte Stamp 2 by MrsEmmyJRE: ScratxScratte Stamp by PuccaFanGirlKovu - stamp by V1KAScrat x Scratte Grape Love Stamp by MrsEmmyJManny and Ellie stamp 2 by okamiblanco:thumb302398536::thumb305883563:Manny and Ellie stamp by okamiblancoOnision by AngelsFallFarOnision by AngelsFallFar'I am NOT a Furry' Stamp by Caffeine-MasterAnti Smosh Stamp by Firework154Anti PewDiePie Stamp by Firework154Freddy X Mangle Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768BAYONETTA 2 by YI0A Jeanne stamp by LilithiumStampsJeanne stamp 'bitch please' by LilithiumStampsDancing Bayonetta by Snow-BodyJubileus by Snow-BodyBat Bayonetta by Snow-BodyHyrule Warriors: Link  Stamp by DIA-TLOAbayonettaXjeanne by OMissTifaLockhartOBayonetta v. 3 by Snow-BodyBayofacestamp by SamThePenetratorBayo2 Stamp by SamThePenetratorJeannetta Versus Stamp by SamThePenetrator
Jeanne animated stamp by EvilMaybeBayonetta stamp by Ana-ArcherJeanne1stamp by SamThePenetratorCereza Littleone Stamp by SamThePenetratorCerezachildstamp by SamThePenetratorJeanne B1 Stamp by SamThePenetratorJeannewitchstamp by SamThePenetratorJeanne2stamp by SamThePenetratorBayonetta 2  stamp by EvilMaybeJoy Angel Love by LilithiumStampsBaYoneTTa 2 by YI0Bayonetta . Jeanne by YI0I Love Cheshire cat stamp by NappahBAYoNETTa 2 by YI0Woo hoo! by tenzin-woohooplzBonnie 2.0 Peeking at You STAMP (FNAF 2) by N4dzDFNAF 2 - Toy Bonnie Stamp by SolarFluffyFNAF 2 Pink Fox thing Stamp by Ba-shRage Korra Stamp by Neoni245Avatar: The Legend of Aang-Korra Intro-Stamp by MexicanSushiZuko stamp by GaaraFan333Ren x Aoba Stamp by S-LaughturDRAMAtical Murder stamp by IprieAoba stamp by ffz3Koujaku x Aoba Stamp by S-LaughturNaruto Stamp by HappyStampFlashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHANNaruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxSasuke Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxNaruto-stamp by kairiSpardaBadge: Sasuke by TheRedKunoichiDeidara STAMP by OTalkOStyxOStampOThis Is Not A Stamp by ItsCrazyConnorRoad to Ninja - Sasuke Stamp by PornoweaselSasuke and Itachi Stamp by RandomTonsstamp: sasuke awkward eyebrow by FairyxWingzSasuke Stamp by RandomTons:thumb502737084::thumb495788669:Bonnie STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's) by N4dzDFNAF 2 stamp by SolarFluffy:thumb496235187:Bonnie 2.0 STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) by N4dzD:thumb503382603::thumb505295591::thumb502966702:Purple parade by Jupiterjumper2(Button) Purple Guy Fan Button by Mario28037FNAF fan stamp by dazza1008Five nights at Freddy's | BB by Akira-ChibiBonnie Paw Icon (Free to Use!) by DapperHatsMangle icon f2u by OneGiantNostril



:icononepieceoc-family: :iconrunya-isamu: :iconreddredpanda: :iconnaturere: :iconsafire13:


:icondhmis-nation: :icondhmis-lovers: :iconev-dhmis: :icondhmis-alliance:



Spyro: Power Crystal Pages -Still going!:D-



I'm all yours, Mistah J~ by Cynderthedragon5768
I'm all yours, Mistah J~
Haha I just had too.xD this pose and face expression worked to well lol.
My new 52(ahh I love new 52 Harley's colors) Harley Quinn Preset :D She's one of my faves. I made her to go with Joker Here-Do I look like I'd do that? by Cynderthedragon5768 

My sister lent me her account, so I wanted to take a screenshot of these two cuddling, but I couldn't log into two FH accounts at once(I only have one PC) and my sister wouldn't do it.xC
Is there a way to log into two FH accs at once? I wanna take some Joker X Harley screenies!
MLP Comfort YCH ONE LEFT!!! by Cynderthedragon5768
Very sorry for the wait on this! I actually had this file already colored on my PC, but I mistakenly thought I uploaded it finished o.O I didn't it seems //slaps self
If anyone is wondering about the other MLP ychs, I went from MLP to finish the TLK ones(as I will generally swtich off on a fandom them go back to) IE: finish a certain amount of lion ones, then go back to finish a certain amount of pony ones. Sounds a bit dumb but it gets things done faster, and I often find my shading is better when I am focused on a certain thing. If I try to do both lions and ponies at the same time, I often end up messing up and shading the lions like ponies, or the ponies like lions, and that doesn't look good x.x I'm going to be linearting some more of the MLP YCHS, but I got a few more YCHS to make to pay off some debts... DX

some more quick ones, I owe people points

thankfully less sick so the other YCHS will be finished soon
-no trades or holds
-any gender
-any hybrid or draconequss


Do I look like I'd do that? by Cynderthedragon5768
Do I look like I'd do that?
Screenshot taken of my Feral Heart preset I made of Heath Ledger Joker : D
He's one of my favorites!:heart:
Fun fact about his makeup: I actually painted it on like you'd put on real make up. It had multiple layers, and took two days and a night, but I think it paid off. I painted his skin, texturing it and such, then painted on the powder like actual powder would be applied. I then did the cuts into his cheek, and painted red over them like lipstick. His eyeshadow was difficult.xDD

He's one of my best presets though! I'm super proud of him.


Hilary Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My birthday badge

FNAF Pixel Commission example -OPEN- by Cynderthedragon5768

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U by Drache-LehreRainbow Butterfly - F2U! by Drache-LehreAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Star Divider by GasaraRainbow Butterfly - F2U! by Drache-LehreGlittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U by Drache-Lehre

My favorite things

:thumb397674871: Bayonetta FREE flying hearts Icon by DreamON-Mpak
:thumb387314971: FNAF FNAF 2 FNAF 3 FNAF 4
:thumb397675156: Caffeine
:thumb397675800: Complaining
:thumb397675394: Sun tanning
:thumb397675156: Unicorns
:thumb387314971: My OC Green Guy
:thumb397674871: Wii U

cute yummy sweets by ChibivillecuteOrb Mini Pixel by GasaraBaYoneTTa 2 by YI0 My favorite video gamesBAYONETTA 2 by YI0Orb Mini Pixel by Gasaracute yummy sweets by Chibivillecute
Cute Cherries - Free Icon by JupiterLily Bayonetta II
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree - Free Icon by JupiterLily Ice Age 3 PS2
Cute Cherries - Free Icon by JupiterLily FNAF II
Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree - Free Icon by JupiterLily Snowy the Bear Adventures
Cute Cherries - Free Icon by JupiterLily Wandering Willows
POTC STAMP SUPPORT by guardian-GARMBAYONETTA 2 by YI0A Jeanne stamp by LilithiumStampsFNAF 2 stamp by SolarFluffyMarionette Fan by PurpleFloofToy Freddy Chica and Bonnie - Stamp by StarrcelineDamian Wayne Stamp by arosyksBONNIE IS NOT A BOY HE IS A TRANSGENDER ARMPIT! by Little-rolling-beanAnti FNAF porn stamp by UnassumingLocalLadyFNAF - Bonnie Stamp by SolarFluffyFNAF 2 - Foxy 2.0 [Stamp] by FrukandTeafive nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsFNAF fan stamp by dazza1008TOY CHICA STAMP (FNAF 2) by N4dzDHarley Quinn Stamp by IchiseGossipFNAF 2 - Marionette Stamp by SolarFluffyCaptain Swan: Shipper's Stamp by MokiHunterGalavant stamp by TheDeceptikitty[Stamp] Five Nights At Freddy's by RasAkiStampsFNAF stamp by pastel--colorsFNAF 2 - Toy Bonnie Stamp by SolarFluffyToy Freddy X Toy Chica Stamp by xXSweet-PotatoXxfemale toy bonnie stamp FTU by Pearly-SkittVinny by JtDanielRupert by JtDaniel:thumb494118510:Bonnie 2.0 Peeking at You STAMP (FNAF 2) by N4dzDAnti-feminist - stamp by Angi-ShyMen's Rights by CapricornicisTOY CHICA STAMP (FNAF 2) by N4dzDTeen-Titans-Go-Stamp by migueruchanTeen Titans Go by SunnStampTeen Titans GO! Stamp by RetroOwlBarnyard Fan Stamp by Cynderthedragon5768balloon Boy by flaiKiToy Mangle X Toy Freddy Stamp -REMAKE- by Cynderthedragon5768Iced Tea Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-PhoenixTumblr Stamp by AviseyaThank-you Scott by PurpleFloof
Love Stamp by Kezzi-RoseGay Pride Stamp by QueenNocturneSTAMP - Gay NO disease by DraguendoAnti FlufflePuff stamp by Cynderthedragon5768
DA Stamp - Rainbow by phantompantherEquality Everywhere by savagebinnPronouns Stamp by KittenDivinityI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawDA Stamp - Sexualities are not by phantompanther''die cis scum lol'' by Mintaka-TKI'm Surrounded By Idiots - Scar stamp (subtitles) by Nala15Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:thumb594494538:I'm Speshul by TheArtOfNotLikingYouanti SJWs stamp by demiphobeI Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPONCisphobia by klefkiiMLP NG: Lesier stamp by Cynderthedragon5768Anti Korrasami - Stamp by StarrcelineAnti-bronies -STAMP- by Cynderthedragon5768Worst story ever (REMAKE) by LostAtSeaOFFLeafyIsHere Fan :Stamp: by davidminearts- Stamp: LeafyIsHere. - by ChicaTH853 by LunaMatsuFilthy Frank stamp by catstamIT'S TIME TO STOP! (Stamp) by ghoulpngsonic sees you sinning by kinglysSTAMPSDELETE SYSTEM 32 by TheArtOfNotLikingYouegg stamp by rocketdoqJellyfish by SkaianAngelPink Guy Stamp by SHINSEKlFlowers Stamp by CRIMlNALSpepe stamp by plantbonestrash stamp by fogIakeanother stamp again by ghoulpngNope! // Stamp by probablyuncomfortble

*Stamp/Button thingies made by me*(use if want)
Gold Finger stamp thingie by Cynderthedragon5768

Pissed Bill Cipher emote by kaktush***:icondragons-stuff: <--Slavedriver Mc. Bitchy
Slow artist who likes to take their time with commissions? Don't let Slavedriver Mc. Bithcy commission you, she exspects things done in a week. Added me to a 'black list' because I was too busy to finish her FREE stuff and cater to her every whim. Refuses to remove me from her 'black list', thus trying to ruin my buisness in commission.
F*ck you Dragon for trying to make me look badPissed Bill Cipher emote by kaktush


I have some ice, want some? by Cynderthedragon5768
Come along, Lilith, Daddies waiting by Cynderthedragon5768
A cartoon-ish toon style. Reserved only for FNAF-type characters.
Ref Sheets
Ipandadopts DTA entry JINX by Cynderthedragon5768
FNAF DTA by Cynderthedragon5768
Ipandadopts DTA: Chrysalis X Shinning Armor by Cynderthedragon5768
KarsisMF97 Contest Entry by Cynderthedragon5768
Pawscratch Princess Melrose DTA ENTRY by Cynderthedragon5768
FluffyBish DTA: Nightmare Claw by Cynderthedragon5768
These can come as complicated as you want, any type of animal. Just using my MLP examples cause they're better.

Prices vary depending on the side

Large ref's: $55
Medium: $35
Small: $20
ID examples
ID Commissions Example 1# by Cynderthedragon5768
Examples are in the picture above. This style of commission is reserves solely for MLP characters. They can be used as ID's.
They have their own seperate prices for the differen't versions, so please note me which type you would like(Single, Couple, Sidebar).
Fully Detailed Commissions!
Karsismf97 Commission -READ DESQ- by Cynderthedragon5768
Commission for FluffyBish -READ DESCRIPTION- by Cynderthedragon5768
Happy birthday AlexisHunter! by Cynderthedragon5768
Foxy's romantic get-away by Cynderthedragon5768
Happy late birthday Whitefire-Phoenix by Cynderthedragon5768
Rainbow guy spectrum by Cynderthedragon5768
Fully detailed, shaded and with a background. 
$5 to add extra characters. 

:bulletgreen: Any kind of animal or creature. I can do humans, dragons, lions, ponies, horses, FNAF, and anything else.
:bulletred: I will not draw extremely graphic or sexual things. I can draw blood, but I won't draw missing limps or intestines.


Here's an FAQ with some common questions(that I haven't ever been asked)xD

Can I draw your characters?
Yes, you can c: I love all the fanart I get weather its hand drawn, used with a base, egt. ^^ I'd love to see what you can do!:hug:
Thought please do not draw any pornographic or extremely violent images of my characters ;a; I don't like those.

Can I use your pictures?
No, please don't. Even if you credit, I do not like my images being used in any way on deviantart(icons, bases, Ids) or on youtube, tumblr, or anywhere. Please respect my wishes, thank you.

Can I upload a commission I bought from you?
No, I do not allow reuploads of commissions, even if you're the buyer. I don't see a reason to re-upload something if you can just find it on my page.

Can I use your characters in my stories?
No, please do not RP or write stories about my characters without asking me first.

Can I make shipping babies of your ocs(with your own or mine)?
No, I do not like this^^; The only way I would accept this if the characters were being gifted to me, like you designed a baby of my ocs(I:E - Star X Frilir) and gave them to me. I'd probably even use them! I love being gifted ocs to use. The reason I don't really allow this(excluding unless you're giving them to me) is because people often go on to use the ocs as their own, when they're part of my oc. So please dont^^"


Cynderthedragon5768 has started a donation pool!
23,413 / 100,000,000
I'm taking PayPal commssions! by Cynderthedragon5768

:star::star::bulletred: MY PAYPAL PRICES!!!:star::star::bulletred:
:iconpaypalplz: :bulletyellow: :iconpaypalplz: :bulletyellow: :iconpaypalplz: :bulletyellow:

:star::star: Fully detailed commissions! :star::star:
$12 Depending on the complexity of the character.
Because I was SO original as a kid :DDDDDD by Cynderthedragon5768I'll be... by Cynderthedragon5768The crazies be hangin' by Cynderthedragon5768Beautiful Mare by Cynderthedragon5768SpyroXEmber- Just Us. by Cynderthedragon5768SpyroXCynder: My Love For You Is Eternal by Cynderthedragon5768A-wild-OTP-appears by Cynderthedragon5768Contest entry for Rinjapine c: by Cynderthedragon5768Plushy-Prince DTA: Starburst by Cynderthedragon5768And then I got bored... by Cynderthedragon5768~ CARREN ~ by Cynderthedragon5768Prince Marco by Cynderthedragon5768Marina - Queen of the MerPonies by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletpink: Lineless
$7 Depending on the complexity of the character.
Careful, Celestia... by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletblue: Headshots
$3-9 Depending on the complexity of the character, and background.
Hewwo there~ by Cynderthedragon5768Bent on freedom by Cynderthedragon5768Sargan by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletblack: Portraits
$20 Depending on the complexity of the character.
Phantom-Moon Realistic by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletgreen: Fully detailed without background
$10 Depending on the complexity of the character.
IPandadopts DTA: SoarinDash by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletpurple: Extremely detailed character references
$25 Depending on the overall commission layout and complexity of the character.
Plushy-Price DTA entry 2 by Cynderthedragon5768Lying-Cake DTA Entry by Cynderthedragon5768TearyIris |Phantom Moon| DTA Tryout by Cynderthedragon5768MLP characters for my sister by Cynderthedragon5768MLP FIM: Lady Iilla reference by Cynderthedragon5768

:bulletwhite: Journal Dolls
$1-2 Depending on the complexity of the character.
ToddWolf journal doll commission by Cynderthedragon5768Rooster-Hawk sprite commission 1# by Cynderthedragon5768LordBasile sprite commission by Cynderthedragon5768Animated Sprite for Rinjapine by Cynderthedragon5768PandaTJ sprite commission by Cynderthedragon5768Journal doll for Howrsesr1 by Cynderthedragon5768Unique-Sapphire journal doll *Re description plzC: by Cynderthedragon5768MissMapleOwl Journal Doll by Cynderthedragon5768Horssie16 commission 1 of 2 by Cynderthedragon5768Journal LaraBunny by Cynderthedragon5768Mamba journal doll for Jackii98 by Cynderthedragon5768

<div class="gr-box">

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Fantheory/au, Kion uses his roar, it kills Nala, Kion never uses roar again, Nala is dead. So he leaves the pride, Simba meets a female similar to Nala(SP Nala) with a name that contains "nala" in it, he gets with her and Kiara doesn't like her new mom, and her new mom's all quiet and passive throughout SP, but we're left to believe that's the same Nala as the first movie because same name.

I think it could work really well.
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is that a real screenshot?

freaking cool theory though
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It'a from an up-and-coming episode where Kion hurts "someone" with his roar and feels terrible and stuff, so I just took it and spun my own SP Nala theory from there. :D
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